Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

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All for a Pink Cause – Underwire Steel collected, will be Recycled and Sold and donated to Breast Cancer Research​

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Why Annuity Fashion (Not Fast Fashion)

Fun Facts

  • Our Goal of 50,000 bra’s is (approx.) 5 tons (10,000 pounds) out of Landfill, promoting a cleaner environment.
  • (approx.) 20% of the weight collected from the bra’s will result in Steel Underwire Extraction. Typically, market avails a $.50 /lb. fee, therefore the Goal will raise 2000 pounds of steel @ a $1,000 donation for BCR.
  • However, to enhance the donation, the B.R.A. is offering Businesses, Manufacturer’s and Individual ‘MATCHING FUND’ sponsorships and Pledges. Find out more @ info@brarecyclingagency or text “BYOB” TO 79274 for details. 

Why Recycle:

  • The truth is, clothing can be re-purposed, but no one wants your underwear.
  • Half-a-billion bra’s are sold each year, and thrown into landfill and incineration when trashed.
  • Components such as Polyurethane foam, Lycra ®, spandex, textiles and plastic ring ‘n slides can last hundreds of years in a landfill, or emit dangerous gases when burned. Pollution from Trash can be reduced with Recycling More of Municipal Solid WASTE.​

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Why Annuity Fashion(Not Fast Fashion)