Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

We appreciate all our recyclers – so stay tuned for coupons, promo codes and other cool stuff from participating manufacturers and retailers. Once you receive your e-Kit, you are a member of B.R.A., and discounts, deals, steals and INVITATIONS to Bra Events will be coming-your-way! With your purchase of an e-kit, please accept our gratitude in advance for your generous support of the B.R.A. ™ initiative and mission to:

  • Waste Reduction/avoid Landfill & Incineration
  • Reclaiming steel (underwire) for a Donation to Breast Cancer Research, Where applicable
  • Cleaner Communities
  • Alternative Use of discarded Polyurethane bra’s (carpet cushion)
  • Create Green Jobs  -we are not a charity, and hope to build a business that will thrive and create New Jobs in the U.S.A.
  • Responsible Manufacturing end-of-life Methods for Intimate Apparel Brands

Recycling E-Kits & Labels

When you Purchase a BRA Recycling e-Kit, you are providing the costs to RECYCLE – ‘cause who wants to add a  bra to landfill?

e-KIT price INCLUDES processing, sorting, component separation & filtering, metal extraction, service and handling fees, envelope recycling, and final freight to carpet cushion manufacturer.

You will be amazed and proud, as we magnetize each bra batch, pull out your steel underwire, and sell that for a donation to BREAST CANCER RESEARCH…We accept all these types of bra’s:

  • Jogbra
  • Stretch bra’s 
  • Cami bra’s
  • Training bra’s
  • Padded bra’s
  • Lace bra’s
  • Maternity bra’s

*****(gel bra’s and water bra’s non-recyclable)


It is said, that 80% of women, wear the wrong bra size. I guess, we lose weight, gain weight or distribution changes. 


Or,  the bras in your closet are just getting tired – things wear out over time and it’s TIME-TO-SAY-GOODBYE.


Kathleen Kirkwood, the founder of the B.R.A., would like to offer you the choice, to recycle your old bra. Trashing it, (in the past), just brings your bra to Landfill –

Recycling with BRA RECYCLING AGENCY ™, will:

1. Pulverize the bra.
2. Extract the steel underwire and sell it, for a donation to Breast Cancer Research.
3. Take the bra ‘fluff’, and make it into RED CARPET cushion for VIP and celebrity events.

OK ladies...Sing along with me…Don’t Burn Your Bra; RECYCLE IT!™

Your e-kit includes:

  • Single Use recycling Label VIA e-mail. Permit for One-single shipment, any size shipment accepted (so stuff an EXTRA LARGE envelope, or get out a carton and go crazy!)
  • FREE MEMBERSHIP into B.R.A. ™   club: receiving Discounts and Promo's from our sponsors whenever available.
  • e-brochure – how it’s done - note from Kathleen Kirkwood
  • (POSTAGE to recycle  NOT INCLUDED)

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