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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"An honor system or honesty system is a philosophical way of running a variety of endeavors based on trust, honor, and honesty.  The negatives may include community shame, loss of status, loss of a personal sense of integrity and pride or in extreme situations, banishment from one's community."

The Honor System Return Policy:

Returns are cool, but useless carbon emissions and energy waste is not. So what is a company to do? 

Let’s try the honor system! 

Here’s how it works:

When you make a purchase, it has a cost to get it to you in oil, energy, gas and emissions. NOTHING you can do. But that carbon footprint is now, DOUBLED, if you MAKE A RETURN...  Once received, we use more energy to repack it and restock it... creating more wasteful packaging to make it look shiny & new again. 

Here’s an idea, let's try HONOR SYSTEM returns: 

  1. Write us an e-mail and tell us you’d like to make a green RETURN - we believe you, so we’ll just give you your money back...
  2. Keep the item and give it to a friend, or neighbor or student or charity, and I am SURE they will get use out of it.
  3. Is it over 60 days and you've lost the HONOR SYSTEM’S time for a green return? No refund is possible, but we can help you clean out your closet of UNWANTED apparel with Wearable Collections: – a fashion ReCycling Service keeping 

Will it work? Who knows, but I trust you, so let's see.

Wearable & Walkable Collections create hubs of collection locations that make it easy for everyone to recycle clothes, shoes, textiles & accessories out of landfills, while raising money for charitable organizations.