Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

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Media Moments

This was a tough one. Like planet earth, I’ve evolved. I’ve re-invented myself, a few times over, and continue to discover and uncover, shaping solutions that make sense for my wardrobe and yours”. One of these solutions’ includes RECYCLING bra’s, shoulder pads, and shapewear…B.R.A. Recycling Agency!

There are so many women that are THRILLED to have a cleaner, greener solution to their bra’s-end-of-life. Here are some fun pictures, and a few videos. We are posting events, and sending & texting FREE Sponsored Recycling Envelopes so sign-up here and receive the updates with a few THANK-YOU-COUPONS and Gratitude Discounts :) 

As a woman-owned-business, you’ll see my WOMAN OWNED logo on upcoming products – and stay-tuned for my GLOW PROTECTION Tank with floating shields….we are having early bird online offers soon. If you’ve signed up for Glow Early Birds already, don’t worry, we’ll notify you the moment it is ‘live’ online.