Some of our Past Sponsors for Participating Events Include:

Baldwin Pink Penguin Event 
raised $2,500 for their Cause

Red Carpet Events

Raise $ for your event, with a B.R.A. sponsor Program.

Hamptons Girls Night Out Raised $15,000 
for Breast Cancer Research

The following partners have made the recycling method possible:

BRA’S FOR A CAUSE raised $10,000 from 
Volkswagen for Breast Cancer Research

Red Carpet & Cushion to potential sponsors in your invitation, or we can create a custom OFFERING SHEET or Announcement for your sponsors and donors and supporters. See Example

No Charge!

The Green Suites raised $4,000 
for their Oscar Swag Suites

Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

Want to raise additional money at Your Event?
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You can always offer B.R.A.

The Femmy Gala raised $7,500 or Students of the Intimate Apparel Industry