Don't burn your bra, recycle it!

What does it include?

B.R.A.'s RECYCLING service is associated with significant costs, including METAL SEPARATION, charity administration, staff, transport, and stage processing. When you use THE BRA™ mailing info we pay on every bra we receive, whether they are from KATHLEEN KIRKWOOD or any other brand.

We Magnetize!

When mailed in:

women needing part-time work are offered de-enveloping jobs, at our facility, to remove the bra’s from the envelope for processing.

All proceeds for underwire metal recycling are 100% donated to Breast Cancer Research.

By bulk:

it is put into a 1st tier chopper; then pulverized in a patent-pending methodology. The metal is extracted with a complex system of magnets and the ring & slide is then sent to a shaking facility to sift out & strain into fluffy soft ‘bra-beads’; all free of plastic and metal bits, to integrate into cushy red carpet cushion.

We Red Carpetize! 

Our Founder:

Kathleen Kirkwood has been innovating women’s wardrobe solutions since 1983. After signing with FORD Modeling Agency in 1979, Kathleen went on to invent and sell ‘Pints of Pads’, an attachable shoulder pad that she’s successfully sold in Bloomingdales and on QVC. This lead to advertisements in VOGUE magazine, MTV, VH1, and even a cameo in Lethal Weapon 2 and an appearance on Oprah! In 1999 she helped develop mold bras and shapewear which also successfully sold on QVC.

In 2010 Kathleen founded B.R.A. to recycle bras and donate metal while using the proceeds to help fund breast cancer research. The next year in 2011 she partnered with REDCARPETRUNWAY.COM for distribution of B.R.A. red carpet cushions at high-end clientele events.  In 2012 she successfully launched her own luxury shape wear line, KAT.

What We Do

What happens to your bras once they’ve been sent in?

We Pulverize!  

The following partners have made the recycling method possible: